Grant Approval Process – Jersey Charities Commission

Magellan worked with the Association of Jersey Charities (AJC) to document the Grant Allocation and the small grants process by defining a mind map of requirements for the grant request form which could be shared with Smart Simple, the Systems Vendor. We were able to provide a project timeline and plan whilst also redesigning the AJC’s communication process and designed templates to help standardising and track communications

”The Association of Jersey Charities wanted to create, install and publicise a new grant management process and associated software during a time of significant political, economic, legal and structural change. The short timescales and limited capacity of our voluntary committee made such a project extremely challenging. Magellan stepped up and, thanks to a generous donation of pro bono consultancy, provided an operational kick-start to ensure the project could proceed.

Specifically, Magellan documented our application and allocation processes, created a project timeline, reviewed our communication process for the roll out and designed templates to help standardise and track our communications.

Magellan’s input has been invaluable and we are indebted to them for their help.”

Ivo Le Maistre Smith
CEO Jersey Association of Charities