Sharing Knowledge.
Supporting Change.

At Magellan Consultancy, we believe our clients should own their own change, so we provide quality training and mentoring tailored to you and your business needs.

You, your Business Leads and your Subject Matter Experts will be empowered to confidently deliver your change objectives.

Using our considerable experience gained while supporting and delivering our client’s change programmes, we have designed 3 different approaches to training and mentoring. Our courses are delivered using interactive training sessions with practical application, real life examples, and engaging exercises. We enjoy sharing our knowledge to improve the change experience for all.

Magellan Own Your Change (MOYC)©

We have created a library of 1–2-hour training modules which you can select and customise to create a bespoke training programme to suit the needs of your business.

Magellan Own Your Change (MOYC)©, Copyright © 2022 Magellan Consultancy Ltd.

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Magellan Operational Excellence (MOE)© Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt

At Magellan we understand that any business improvement initiative requires a methodical approach and an understanding of how to bring your employees along the change journey.

Magellan Operational Excellence (MOE)©, Copyright © 2018 Magellan Consultancy Ltd.

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Magellan Process Optimisation (MPO)©

Based on Deming’s four stage model (Plan, Do, Check, Act) to continually improve processes, products and services, Magellan Consultancy have designed a practical and fast track approach to help businesses optimise their business processes. We call this approach the Magellan Process Optimisation (MPO) toolkit, Copyright © 2019 Magellan Consultancy Ltd.

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