Change Management

Decorative image representing Change Management

Magellan believes that an important part of successful change is enabling your people to embrace and adopt the change. Great communication is a start but a structured Change Management approach provides much more than this. For change to be successful the individuals which make up your organisation must be prepared, equipped and supported as they move through the changes. This means they will understand and welcome the change. Even when the change is “mandatory”, the change may not be automatically successfully adopted; your employees may feel negatively impacted which will affect morale, productivity and cause attrition.

Project Management, which focuses on the technical side of change, and Change Management, which focuses on the people side of change, both play critical roles in change success. Using a best-practices approach to managing change, such as implementing a new accounting platform or streamlining processes, will improve the likelihood of meeting your project objectives by 6 times (according to research by leading Change Management organisation Prosci, who have been surveying practitioners around the globe for more than 20 years)

Quality of Change Management Approach

With excellent change management, employees:

  • Adopt changes faster, more completely and more proficiently
  • Stay engaged in the organisation during disruptive change
  • Understand why the change is happening
  • Have the time and tools to get on board and feel heard and supported

Applying the principles of change management before, during and after a project can go a long way in helping you achieve the desired returns on your project investments.