Operational Redesign

Decorative image representing Operational Redesign

At Magellan we work with Senior Leadership Teams to identify and tailor their current business model, looking at ways to improve or enhance existing service, people and governance frameworks.  We believe that tangible and long lasting change can only be realised when internal processes are documented and monitored to provide a benchmark for improvement. Corporate knowledge and staff are the most important assets of any business and with Magellan as change partners, our clients work to empower staff involved in identifying the desired state of an operating model that they will ultimately benefit from.

Whether you are rethinking the structure of a global enterprise systems, restructuring back office support or seeking to strengthen the link between information technology and strategy, a target operating model converts strategy ideas into operational plans.

We consider all aspects of realising your operational vision including;

  • What processes and capabilities exist and need to be hardened
  • What your people need within the organisational and accountability structures as well as the culture that will support and nurture business growth and effectiveness
  • Appropriateness of infrastructure such as buildings and resources that support the above
  • Any gaps for example, in technology, processes, teams or knowledge
  • Business partners both internal and external that can support the key activities of the business
  • Management systems that enable the development of strategy, performance targets and continuous improvement

Of course transformational change requires excellent communication, sensitive to the needs of the organisation and responsive to the concerns of staff. We can help you define organisational objectives, manage expectations and maximise meaningful engagement with staff early on in the process so please contact us to find out more.