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Magellan proudly announces its strategic partnership with David Brown, a seasoned expert with over 35 years of automation proficiency. By synergising David’s extensive automation experience with Magellan’s unparalleled expertise in change management and business analysis, we introduce a groundbreaking automation offering. This collaboration culminates in the evolution of Robert, a cutting-edge solution that capitalises on past successes to deliver unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

In today’s business landscape, terms like automation, robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are gaining prominence as methods to enhance efficiency and minimise wastage. Robert stands out by delivering millions of validated keystrokes, especially in critical-time industries where precision and velocity are imperative, aiding in migrations, data cleansing, and daily operational tasks. The latest iteration of Robert revitalises an already established solution, furnishing our clients with enhanced functionality to refine and optimise their business processes more effectively.

When working with our clients, we have encountered countless opportunities to enhance data quality and precision while redirecting valuable employee resources towards activities that drive tangible value. These initiatives aim to mitigate the impact on day-to-day operations, ensuring seamless transitions and operational continuity. Common challenges include:

  • the need for robust testing to validate system changes
  • minimising staff time spent on repetitive tasks
  • standardising task completion procedures
  • enabling process execution beyond regular business hours
  • managing end-user applications effectively
  • efficiently consolidating data from disparate systems and
  • navigating legacy system data intricacies.

Through our tailored solutions, we address these challenges head-on, empowering organisations to unlock efficiency and achieve operational excellence.

At our core, we believe in harnessing automation to streamline workflows, ensuring that valuable time and resources are optimised. Our platform empowers organisations to achieve operational excellence without sacrificing employee welfare. By automating repetitive tasks and promoting a culture of efficiency, we enable teams to focus on meaningful work, fostering a healthy and sustainable workplace environment. Join us in revolutionising how businesses operate – let’s create a future where productivity thrives, and employees flourish.

As you would expect from an automation offering partnered with a change management consultancy, we will provide support for the full end to end process, including liaising with your team to understand requirements, helping to streamline processes, and automating your processes.

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Automated Testing

As Agile methodologies continue to shape development practices, businesses are under pressure to optimise processes swiftly while maintaining operational stability. In response, there’s a growing demand for confidence in the seamless integration of incremental changes without disrupting daily operations.

Enterprises can now achieve this confidence through the implementation of a highly automated regression test package. This comprehensive solution employs locally managed test data, intelligently processed and validated across single or multiple applications. With validation occurring seamlessly with each deployment, on a weekly, or even daily basis, companies can ensure the reliability of their systems while enabling consistent testing practices.

Furthermore, the adoption of automated testing offers a significant advantage by allowing systems to be tested consistently, emulating the behaviour of the ‘BEST’ user, regardless of time constraints. This means that testing can be conducted reliably day or night, ensuring that any potential issues are identified and addressed promptly, freeing up employees to focus on value-added tasks.

Automated Process

Ensuring adequate staffing levels to meet current business demands or accommodate potential scalability can often prove to be a daunting and expensive endeavour.

However, by automating routine and frequently executed tasks, organisations can alleviate the burden on their already stretched workforce, granting them the opportunity to allocate their time and expertise to more specialised challenges.

Imagine effortlessly generating comprehensive Periodic Review packs across various business applications in a matter of seconds or swiftly conducting Director’s WIP review summaries and distributing them to team members on a regular, time-sensitive basis.

With our automation solutions, organisations can expect to produce accurate data from standard company reports instantaneously, ensuring seamless collation and timely dispatch, without the need for multiple iterations. Experience efficiency and reliability—every report, on time, without fail.

Data Migration & Cleansing

Navigating mergers and acquisitions presents inherent challenges for businesses. The management of diverse applications, including end-user tools such as Excel sheets, often leads to significant data quality and management issues.

Ideally, consolidating data into a unified source of truth is the goal. However, the process of migration is notorious for its high costs in creation, execution, and testing, often requiring multiple iterations.

Enter automation. By automating the mapping process, organisations can generate a reusable source-to-target script, streamlining the migration process and enabling real-time data cleansing. This approach ensures consistent data handling and refinement with each execution, offering the flexibility to run multiple tests before the final live migration.

With our automated solutions, businesses can tackle mergers and acquisitions confidently, knowing they have a reliable and efficient method for managing data integration and ensuring data quality across the board.

Ask Robert - on demand

In today’s complex operational landscape, departments face the challenge of executing numerous manual tasks to support daily operations. These tasks often span multiple line-of-business applications, including CRM systems, Practice Management Systems, Trust and Fund administration systems, as well as various productivity tools like Outlook and Office suite or forms-based process management tools such as Granicus.

Moreover, the reliance on subject matter experts (SMEs) to gather data for periodic reports adds another layer of complexity. Each individual may interpret and retrieve information differently, leading to discrepancies in the output, which may not align with the original requirements.

Introducing Ask Robert—an automated solution designed to streamline repetitive and mundane tasks. With Ask Robert, tasks can be triggered instantly via email, providing responses within seconds, regardless of the time of day. This eliminates the need for internal experts to be constantly engaged, freeing up valuable resources across all levels of staff, from Directors to Administrators.

Imagine your Director effortlessly accessing comprehensive client portfolio information by simply requesting a Trip Pack with a client name or number, without the need for intricate application navigation. Ask Robert ensures seamless operations and enhances productivity, enabling organisations to focus on delivering exceptional service to clients, round-the-clock.