Programme & Project Management

Decorative image representing Programme & Project Management

At Magellan, our Programme and Project Managers are highly skilled communicators that possess all the necessary skills to ensure success.  We work with your staff to ensure that projects are resourced fully including the correct sponsor, subject matter experts and where appropriate the right internal support from within your operation teams such as IT or Finance. Our strong program / project leads ensure everyone understands the problem to be solved and why so that the journey from discovery to implementation is beneficial. We believe in dynamic collaboration between the whole team, from senior management sponsors, project managers, developers, analysts and contractors. The Magellan team will work with you and your team to develop a strong business case and a shared insight  into the journey ahead and how best to navigate towards success.

A key reason for our continued success is that we work with our clients from the very onset of a Project or Programme working together to define:

  • a clear scope, i.e. what are our objectives and clarity around deliverables
  • benefits i.e. how is this going add value and make a difference
  • the allocation of responsibilities i.e. who, what and when
  • governance and controls i.e. appropriate project and programme management frameworks
  • a cohesive communications strategy for all stakeholders across

Magellan Consultancy have a vast amount of experience in delivering large Programmes, small bespoke projects, project initiation or when necessary, independent  projects review and/or salvage.

For a taste of the work we have undertaken, browse our case studies section.