Magellan Process Optimisation (MPO)

Change Management and Business Support

About the Course

Utilising simple and effective tools we work in partnership with our clients to train and empower your employees to deliver rapid business improvement within a controlled and managed framework.

The approach is designed to be intuitive and enable the business to optimise its processes, making operational functions more efficient. We call this approach the Magellan Process Optimisation (MPO) toolkit, Copyright © 2019 Magellan Consultancy Ltd.

Who should attend?
  • Managers and senior managers who need a solid overall understanding of continuous improvement.
  • Professionals working within a product or service delivery environment, and/or quality control within their organisation
  • Process owners and process Subject Matter Experts working in a project driven environment who want to demonstrate a skillset that includes using a data-based approach to solving practical problems.
Training Methodology

Magellan Process Optimisation (MPO)© is highly interactive and participative. It is fully practical with an applied focus. Our approach commences with the current as-is processes being identified and documented.

  • The as-is processes are analysed to identify inefficiencies, risks and controls, and waste identification.
  • Following the analysis, the new to-be processes are designed.​
  • Metrics for measuring improvement in performance are established.​
  • The new to-be processes are validated by the business and implemented.
  • Processes are monitored and embedded into business as usual.

The course will be delivered by one of Magellan’s team of highly experienced and well-respected Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt Practitioners.

Expected Outcomes

Participants will be equipped with tools and techniques to:

  • Be experienced in applying a reusable and structured methodology for process optimisation.
  • Have reviewed a number of key processes and delivered improvements.
  • Be able to identify further process which would benefit from future review.

By the end of the engagement the business will:

  • Benefit from those processed which have been optimised, including more efficient use of staff time and reduced errors/risk​
  • See measurable improvements directly associated from your teams activity
  • Have the option to extend the engagement to cover further cohorts of staff, locations and processes

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