Magellan Operational Excellence (MOE)

Independent Cohort Model
  • Case study provided
  • 5 consecutive days (DMAIC)
  • Next Start Date: Monday 5th February 2024
From £1900 per person​
Closed Cohort Model​

Option to workshop a cohort-selected, real life improvement opportunity throughout the course.​

Two sessions – 1 x 3 days (DMA), a 4-week break, followed by 1 x 2 days (IC)​

Includes an additional 14 hours Mentor support per cohort (between training days 3 and 4) to work on the improvement opportunity.​

From £1700 per person​

Business Performance and Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt

About the Course

At Magellan we understand that any business improvement initiative requires a methodical approach and an understanding of how to bring your employees along the change journey. Lean Six Sigma is a widely used, proven approach to improve business performance by reducing waste and increasing efficiently.

We combine this with an overview of change management and leadership skills to fully equip you or your employees to apply the skills they gain throughout the course to your real-world scenarios.

Who should attend?
  • Anyone working in a project driven environment who wants to demonstrate a skillset that includes starting and completing projects or using a data-based approach to solving practical problems.
  • Managers and senior managers who need a solid overall understanding of continuous improvement.
  • Professionals working within a product or service delivery environment, and/or quality control within their organisation.

The Magellan Operational Excellence (MOE)© blends Lean Six Sigma methodology with Change Management and Leadership skills to further enhance the effectiveness of your continuous improvement initiatives.

The MOE course focuses on the process improvement methodologies of Lean Six Sigma and provides the opportunity to successfully apply process improvement on live projects brought to the course (closed cohort course) or to real-word case studies (open cohort course).

Training Methodology

Magellan Operational Excellence (MOE)© is highly interactive and participative. It has a practical and applied focus. It features interactive lessons, group exercises and case studies. Examples and practical exercises are selected for relevance to the participants and are based on the trainer’s personal experience.

The course will be delivered by one of Magellan’s team of highly experienced and well-respected Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt Practitioners.

Expected Outcomes

Participants will be equipped with tools and techniques to:

  • Define, design and execute DMAIC projects to solve business issues, and transition projects from phase to phase
  • Apply Lean concepts
  • Deliver agreed benefits to the business through the implementation of process improvement projects sponsored by senior management
  • Lead a project from the start
  • Empower the team to create tangible solutions

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