New Starters

Project Manager and Business Analyst

As part of the planned expansion of our team, we are delighted to announce the addition of Sarah Stoten and Sean Madden as new Consultants. Both Sarah and Sean bring with them a range of skills and combined experiences from the Public and Private sectors.

Sarah, who joined in January, has previously worked for the Government of Jersey as a project manager and policy professional with a specific focus on Education and child centred issues, she is eager to share her approach to people focused change and begin working on new and exciting projects.

Sean, a technologist, data expert and self-professed entrepreneur, joins the company with a wealth of experience in the private sector. He is a keen problem solver with an analytical, fast-paced approach which he hopes to apply to his next assignment.

We look forward to working with Sarah and Sean and welcoming them onto the consultancy team. Over the forthcoming year, we hope there will be many opportunities to introduce them to our clients and take advantage of their collective and unique set of skills that they will bring to Magellan.