Record and Document Management

Magellan was approached by a client which had identified a need to address two key risks highlighted during a review of its record and document management approach. 

First, the client held over 5 million physical documents in storage at their premises.  These documents required assessment to ascertain whether they could be scanned to electronic storage and/or moved to a secure storage facility.  The limited ongoing availability of the existing storage location created time pressures and therefore required this activity to be completed within a short timescale.

Secondly, there was an extensive estate of electronic records and documents held within a number of applications. These required rationalisation and simplification to enable employees to seamlessly access, view, change and share files with one another while applying standardised controls for archiving and disposing of records at the end of the record’s life.   

Magellan were responsible for working with the client to design a record and document management solution, which included implementing a comprehensive governance framework and electronic storage solution without significant development of existing storage applications.  The governance framework needed to change working practices in preparation for an eDMS system to be implemented at a future date.  This involved a significant cultural and behavioural change for the organisation, as adoption was key to the success of the initiative.  

As the client’s business operates within a regulated industry, it was important for our client to satisfy the needs of both the regulator and their customers.

The solution enabled the client to successfully reduce its document storage requirements by over 80%, converted physical documents to electronic format, centralised multiple electronic storage locations, and introduced and embedded standardised processes across the business. 

Magellan Consultancy has significant experience in the area of document and record management including comprehensive understanding of regulatory compliance, practice and electronic document management system implementation. Should you require more information, please contact us.