Remote Working Support – Government of Jersey

Magellan played a part in supporting the Island’s response to the COVID Pandemic working with the Government of Jersey to ensure that it could operate effectively despite a large proportion of the workforce changing to a work from home model. Our consultant was able to quickly divert from an existing project to address the influx of IT requests from across the Government including the prioritisation and approval for requests and ultimate delivery. Over a 2-3 month period  over 700 laptops were built and delivered, in parallel with an Office 365 and Teams Rollout. Our support contributed to ensuring the Government was effectively up and running from home and that 7000 employees connected to government networks. In managing prioritisation for IT requests our consultant was able to  ensure that the IT team was working on the highest priorities in the right order. In addition they also helped support and resource networking and technology delivery for several Track and Trace teams, the new Nightingale Hospital and enabling Ministerial Meetings to be held remotely in socially distanced locations such as Fort Regent.