Meet the Directors – John Patterson

John Patterson enjoying snowboarding on holiday

In a recent interview with Magellan Director, John Patterson, we found out more about what makes him tick, his journey into Change Management and what he loves about his role.

How did you get into Change Management?

Whilst I have now worked in Change Management for a number of years, I had never expected this to be a career path I’d take. Had I known what it entails and how well it compliments my natural skillset, I might have been involved earlier!

My path has taken me through four winter seasons in the Alps as a resort manager, as a corporate sales & account manager in Jersey & the UK, as well as various roles within the financial services industry. A decade or so later I find myself as a Director of Magellan Consultancy, having progressed through Consultant and Senior Consultant roles with consultancy firms in Jersey.

What qualification routes have you pursued?

To formalise my project experience, I completed the Prince2 Practitioner qualification in my own time, as it was seen as the key industry qualification at the time. I continued to undertake additional qualifications including completing the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis. This improved my understanding of how Project Managers and Business Analysts collaborate and how this would help me become a more rounded consultant. I am also qualified in Lean Six Sigma (Continuous Improvement) and Managing Successful Programmes.

What are your personal development highlights since joining Magellan?

Joining Magellan as a ‘start-up’ was a new experience for me, having previously worked for well-established firms. This made my role outside of client work varied, challenging and interesting. I assumed the role of Company Secretary and enhanced my knowledge in this area by taking the ICSA Certificate in Corporate Governance.
As an ambitious individual, I was keen to move further within the Company and, aided by the IoD qualification in Company Direction, was made a Director in September 2020. I have continued to develop my role since then and have very much enjoyed the experience of getting to know this side of the business.

What do you enjoy about your role?

In my role as a Director for Magellan, I really enjoy being able to help drive the organisation forward and defining our strategic direction. Being able to catch-up with previous colleagues and clients and meet new people in the industry as part of our business development and recruitment drives have also been really enjoyable.

When I’m on-site with clients, naturally the delivery of programmes or projects provides the most satisfaction. I’d also say the lead-up to delivery where everyone is driving forward in the same direction is something I really enjoy, despite what appears to be pressure from all directions!

Are there any particular projects or aspects of the role that you have enjoyed?

I enjoy the challenge of establishing and/or refining corporate governance structures within programmes or projects (with or without the assistance of the PMO). I also enjoy helping a client define an issue they are struggling with and breaking this down into a plan and/or a strategy. Being that ‘facilitator’ and challenging their views in a constructive way is very satisfying when I’m able to help facilitate to a positive outcome.

What skills and attributes do you think you bring to your current role?

I feel that facilitation, listening and problem-solving are my key skills and are also key attributes for what we do. I’d also like to say our clients trust me because I’m honest about what is and isn’t possible. This is also a key philosophy we base our approach on at Magellan.

What do you do in your free time?

I am the Vice Chair of Jersey Cricket Limited and, over the last few years, I have helped spearhead changes to the organisation structure by splitting out strategic and operational elements, as well as helping define the 3-5 year strategic direction. Alongside my administration role for Jersey Cricket, I also play club cricket for Walkovers in the summer as I still find enjoyment in the game. In the winter months, you can find me on the football pitch (too frequently) or on a snowboard (not frequently enough). I also find time to (socially) play golf and cycle.

As mentioned, my Change Management skills compliment my natural skillset and this is something that a lot of my friends would agree with, particularly when I’m pulling out spreadsheets to organise holidays!

To find out more about John, visit his page here.