New Starter – Jacqui McGuire

Jacqui McGuire - Senior Consultant and Project Manager

Further expansion at Magellan Consultancy saw Jacqui McGuire join the team this month. The continued expansion of the consulting team reflects both increased client commitments and the intention to grow the business. Jacqui brings with her a wealth of experience in the banking sector as well as vast programme and change management expertise.

Welcoming Jacqui to the Team, Director, John Patterson celebrated Magellan’s ability to attract skilled and experienced local talent.

“I am extremely pleased to see Magellan’s expansion ambitions continue with the addition of Jacqui. The Senior Leadership Team is delighted to announce yet another high-calibre candidate strengthening Magellan’s position in the Change marketplace. Jacqui’s skillset and experience complements and enhances our current consultancy offering and we welcome the opportunity to work with her and introduce her to our clients.”

For more information, you can view Jacqui’s page here.